October 15, 1887



Six new business blocks are contemplated in Ellensburgh in the spring. Mr. NASH has received a contract for repairing the upper bridge across the Yakima river. Mrs. J. S. ROGERS, of Ellensburgh, took the first premium for a crazy quilt at the Walla Walla fair. Mr. DAMON is putting up a large grain warehouse in connection with his mill across the Yakima. A grand ball and supper will be given by the band boys in the Davidson building during the fair. Mr. Geo. J. HURLEY, of the firm of KEENE & HURLEY, is the authorized agent of The Capital at Ruby City, Salmon River. L. BLUMAUER & Son are building a new warehouse on the alley between Main and Pearl Streets. This is to meet the demands of increasing trade. Gene WILSON, having located permanently in the Capital City, is erecting a neat cottage on Fifth street near Sprague. It will be ready for occupany next week. Dr. BEEBE has purchased from Mr. NASH four and one half lots on the bench in the northern part of town and will remove his residence there. The iron mines purchased by the Moss Bay Co., though Mr. KIRK, are the Iron Duke, Iron Boss, Roslyn, River and Iron Prince. They are located on Cle-elum river, about twenty miles north of the city of Cle-elum. Capt. L. W. NESTALL, who with his family resides at Ruby City, Salmon River, left for his home by the Ellensburgh road the other day. He says this route possesses many advantages over
all the others, and that he would rather go over it twice than the Spokane route once. The captain has been over both roads and knows whereof he speaks.


Mrs. J. S. ROGERS, of this city, has gone to the Big Bend country on business and pleasure combined. She has considerable property in the vicinity of Okanogan. Mr. E. P. CADWELL, one of the rustlers of Tacoma, is in Ellensburgh. The gentleman came for the purpose of spying out the promised land. It struck him favorably and he will remain and grow up with the Capital City.


Recent Discovery of a Rich Silver Lode Through Mr. BEVERLY, one of the principal mine owners of Cle-elum, The Capital is enabled to obtain a few items of interest relative to the miners of that district. The latest discoveries are the Evening Star, Morning Star and the Butte, from the base of Ida Elmore Mountain, close to the Deer Lick lode....Taken together, they are the most promising
prospects in the district. The Deer Lick bids fair to become one of the largest mines on the ???.... This property is owned by MEIERS, BEVERLY and YORK. Three and a half miles from the Deer Lick is the Silver King which has completed a 100 foot tunnel... P J. FLINT has been working the ????line in the vicinity of the King, and has a tunnel in forty-five feet... The Bobtail, owned by Tacoma and Yakima parties.... The same company have commenced to sink on the Hawk ledge. The Ida Elmore, one of the richest gold mines in the Cascades, is lying idle, awaiting capital to develop it.


The following parties outfitted in this city this week: PALMER & McGRATH, six horses and a trail and four horse wagons, for Salmon River. They formerly freighted from Spokane Falls. Commodore BANDY, six mules and trail, for Salmon River. Formerly freighted from Spokane. SHREWSBURY & CRANE, four horses, for Salmon River. LUNSDEN, six horses and trail. Dr. SMITH, two four-horse teams, for Orondo. Merchant of Douglas City, four horses.


The JOHNSON House keeps up with the procession and stands in with the capital movement. Messrs. JACKSON & MALONEY, the enterprising proprietors, this week landed a new bus direct from the St. Louis manufactory. It is a splendid vehicle with a seating capacity for fifteen, but there is always room for one more.


Dr. Oren J. CROUP, of the firm of CROUP Bros., Walla Walla, W. T. , has opened an office in Ellensburgh as a resident dentist... Office with Drs. NEWLAND & BEEBE. The Ellensburgh Fire Laddies should get out and practice. The joints of the new hand
engine will work the easier for a few practice drills, and it would be a sad thing for the town if a fire should start in its present unprotected condition. The first annual fair of the Kittitas Agricultural Association will open at Ellensburgh, on Tuesday, the 18th, and will hold till the 21st. The fair promises to be very attractive and the society should meet with great encouragement.


Mayor MIRES and Samuel BLUMAUER, who left Ellensburgh on Friday last for Salmon River, returned on Thursday, after transacting considerable business at Ruby City. The trip was one of the quickest of the season and further demonstrates that the route from Ellensburgh is the shortest and best. The gentlemen report the mining camps in flourishing condition and everybody in the best of spirits. They met 23 heavily laden teams on the road, all from the great outfitting city of Ellensburgh.


The following is copied from the Portland News:
Howard C. WALTERS, of Ellensburgh, W.T., has sent a lot of Kittitas county's mineral products which have been placed on exhibition at the Mechanics' Fair. Included is a sample of coal taken from a car laden at the Roslyn coal mines of the Northern Pacific Coal Company, three and three-fourths miles from the main line of the Northern Pacific at Cle-elum junction. The coal field is four by thirteen miles in general extent and is thus far known to be underlaid with three distinct veins... The specimens of iron ore sent are samples of the outcrop of the Uncle Sam and Iron Heart mines in the Iron Mountain District. The mines are three miles south of Cle-elum Junction, main line of the NPRR, Kittitas County, W. T....


A large steel plant on the Cascade Division of the Northern Pacific railroad is about to be erected by English capitalists. The location of the works will be at Cle-elum, a town just this side of the Cascade Mountains, in the center of a rich iron ore district. The company is an off-shoot from the Moss Bay Iron Company of England...


(this is actually an article in the paper, not just transcriber's listing)
On the second page will be found the great houses of L. BLUMAUER & Son, general merchandise; Thomas JOHNSON & Co.; Nelson BENNETT and the Delmonico Chop House.
On the fourth page, conspicuously displayed will be found: The New York Store of KLEINBERG Bros.; C. B. REED, druggest and apothecary; E. J. KING & Co., prescription druggists; The Boss Bakery of BOSSONG & Co.; Auction and Commission House of WILLIS & BRYANT; WOODS, pioneer barber; H. FRIEND, tonsorial parlors; C. KROEPLIN, a boot and shoe maker; WAL??S & Co., real estate and mining agency; Moses Coulee Ferry; The Old Corner; MAXEY & THOMPSON's livery stable; John GEIGER, the merchant tailor of Ellensburgh; new ????? at J. VOSS; WEED, ROWE & Co., hardware; S. C. DAVIDSON, attorney; PRUYAN & READY, attorneys and counselors; Kittitas Meat and Vegetable Market at Bull & Thompson; Law card of A. MIRES; McGRATH & PALMER, livery andfeed stables; F. LEONHARD, real estate and loan agent; CLAYTON & HAMPTON, assayers.