Ellensburgh New Era

Kittitas County, Washington Territory

August 26, 1887


Published every Saturday morning by S. T. STERLING Vol. II

County Officers

Councilman, C. P. COOKE Representative, J. V. CLARKE Prosecuting Attorney, H. J. SPIVELY Auditor, W. H. PETERSON Probate Judge, John DAVIS Sheriff, S. T. PACKWOOD Treasurer, Henry REHMKE School Supt., Miss Clara PETERSON County Surveyor, C. R. SMITH County Commissioners, J. S. DYSART, A. T. MA????, L. BATES


Mr. Ed LAMPSON leaves this week to take charge of the company's blacksmith shop at Stampede. Mr. LAMPSON is one of the most expert forgers in Washington Territory and the N. P. Co. is fortunate in securing his services. Mrs. N. HOSCHEID died at Cle-elum Tuesday morning, August 23rd. The remains were brought down to Ellensburgh, where the husband and family reside. The body was interred in the old cemetery west of town. Butter is 25 cents per lb.; eggs 25 cents per dozen; baled hay is $12 per ton, delivered on board the cars. Chop feed $1.25 per cwt. G. E. DICKSON and wife are visiting friends in Goldendale. Messrs. AMES & McCARTHY, contractors and builders, are employing all the idle carpenters about the city in order to complete their immense contracts. They have now five contracts on hand. The completion of the house on the corner of 5th and Ruby, a 16x20 addition for W. PETERSON, an 18x24 for W. L. WEBB, a six room house on 4th street for M. BECKER, and a five room cottage for D. G. C. BAKER. Mr. Amos HOLMES, proprietor of the new fish market of this place, received from the express car an invoice of fish... It is reported that a smash up occurred on the main line west of the switchback this week. It seems that one or two freight cars became uncoupled and ran into the train, demolishing some three or four cars. Fortunately no lives were lost. Mr. Jack McCARTHY, of the firm of Ames & McCarthy, who had his leg broken putting up the wheel for the Kittitas hydraulic company, we are glad to say is again on his feet... C. KOREPLIN, the shoemaker, has removed his shoe store into the building adjoining Dr. NEWLAND & BEEBE's office... The first circus in the history of Ellensburgh will be here Saturday, Sept. 3rd... Remember Barrett's great 3-ring circus and monster menagerie will be here Sept 3rd. Everybody come and see the elephant. Messrs. SHOUDY & TJOSSEM are offering $1.00 per cental for oats and the same for barley; 50 cents per bushel for wheat. Mr. Geo. ROBERTS, inventor of the steam track layer, has gone to Tacoma on business connected with his machine. Mr. FLINN, who is in the employ of Henry FRIEND, is building a handsome cottage on 5th street. Joseph ADLER has sold out his barber shop and gone to work for Alfred WOODS. Born to the wife of J. N. WOODS, August 22nd, a daughter. WOODS is as happy as a clam.


At the residence of the bride's parents, the Rev. W. B. LEE officiating, Mr. O. G. LABEREE, of Ellensburgh, W. T. to Miss Rose CLARK, of Olympia, W. T. The ceremony was witnessed by a number of the immediate friends of the bride and groom... After congratulations and an elegant repast, the bride and groom drove 15 miles to Tenino and took the train for Tacoma. At present Mr. and Mrs. LABEREE are guests of the Johnson House, but as soon as completed, they will take up their residence at the corner of 5th and Ruby streets.


Not content with its new roller mills and its new water works, Ellensburgh must ... introduce the electric light. The New Era is informed that Messrs. GROSS, ROGERS, and HAMILTON have formed a company to be known as the Ellesnburgh Electric Light, Gas and Telephone Co... the company contemplates having the plant ... ready for business about the first of December ... the telephone system will also be inaugurated at an early day.


Z. F. HICKMAN is painting his residence. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. PRUYN left Wednesday morning for Roslyn to be absent a few days. Dr. T. J. NEWLAND, who has been laid up with a felon on the hand, is again on his feet and ready for duty. Dr. BEEBE is kept quite busy attending to professional duties, looking after the snow shed men on the east and west side of switchback. Major NASH, of Badger Mountain ... was in the city last Monday. Doc. SMITH of Orondo, 15 miles up the Columbia from mouth of Wenatchee on east side, is doing a good business in the mercantile line. Josh CLARY and Daniel LIBBY's store, building in Waterville, will soon be completed ... Mr. R. KAUFMAN, of the Northwest Loan and Trust Co., and Mayor MIRES, left Wednesday morning for the Salmon river mines, to be gone some ten days. Jas. FARRELL is erecting a large blacksmith and wagon shop on the east side of Fourth street, between Pine and Ruby. Mr. FARRELL has concluded since his visit to the east that Kittitas Valley is about as good a
county in which to pitch one's tent as in the land of cyclones, grasshoppers, chintz bugs and poor crops. Last Saturday night some sneak thief entered C. KROEPLIN's shop and succeeded in stealing a pair of shoes, a vest and a watch and chain. There was considerable money in the shop, but luckily the thief did not find it. Charley still has the coat and pants to match the best, and invites the thief to come around and get the full suit. We would call the attention of our readers to the new advertisements of the Wenatchee steam ferry, the Foster creek ferry and the Okanogan river ferry at the mouth of the Salmon. These ferries are on the direct traveled route to the Salmon river mines. Also Mr. J. S. BUSH's ad of his new wagon shop... Walter HAYWARD, who has been in the employ of I. A. NAVARRE, came over the wagon road from the Columbia last Saturday and reports that the sheep have eaten the range down on the mountains so that there will be little chance for horses and cattle... We acknowledge the receipt of a very pleasant letter from our old fellow-townsman, Conductor A. M. MILLER, who says they arrived safely in Minneapolis August 8th, and their household goods arrived some ten days later. ... The many friends of Mr. MILLER and family will be glad to learn of their safe arrival... Last Saturday ... Jean JACKSON was arrested ... for horse stealing. His preliminary trial came off last Tuesday before Judge DAVIDSON and he was held in the sum of $250 to appear before the grand jury at the next term of the District Court. The horse was stolen off the range about the last of June, ridden to Ruby City by JACKSON, sold to Jas. LANDY, who is prospecting for A. Reeves AYERS, of Olympia. The horse is the property of Robt. BREESE and has been in the possession of S. T. STERLING for over two years, and who found the horse in Ruby City during his recent visit to the mines.


Our harvest is all taken care of and corn mostly laid by for the season, and about half the men of our valley have left for the wheat fields of Kittitas; those remaining are not ready to work on the new road yet, consequently the time will have to be put off. The fact begins to be apparent that the interest in a shorter road is wearing off as the time comes for doing the work. Mr. W. J. GRAY of Wenatchee, reports losing some 6 or 7 head of young horses, which have died of a singular disease... They are sick and dead in 10 to 15 hours. It works very much like black leg in calves... Several other parties have lost colts...


Territory of Washington, County of Kittitas, in Justice's Court, S. C. DAVIDSON, Justice To Albert SERRON ... Robert WILSON has filed a complaint against you ... which will ... be heard at my office in Ellensburgh, in Kittitas County, W. T., on the 26th day of September, A. D. 1887 ... The object and demand ... is to recover the some of $200.00, with interest at ten percent, per annum, for work done for defendant by plaintiff between the first day of April and the 23rd day of August, 1887. Complaint filed,
August 23rd, 1887.


Territory of Washington, County of Kittitas, in Justice's Court, S. C. DAVIDSON, Justice To Albert SERRON ... Robert WILSON has filed a complaint against you ... which will ... be heard at my office in Ellensburgh, in Kittitas County, W. T., on the 26th day of September, A. D., 1887 ... The object and demand ... is to recover the sum of $225 with interest at ten per cent per annum from May 5th, 1887, for money loaned defendant by plaintiff. Complaint filed, August 23rd, 1887.


The hesitancy and close fistedness of the City Fathers has come to a stand still, ... During the building of the Northern Pacific railroad and the location of the depot at this place, a number of railroad contractors were interviewed in regard to making a grade from the end of Third street over the boggy ground to the depot. Mr. L. L. PALMATEER was spoken to, but having had sad experience in several instances before with city councils, nothing was done til Mr. Jno. A. SHOUDY stepped in the breach and personally agreed to foot the bills. Mr. PALMATEER then took the contract for this grade...(details)...For all this Mr. SHOUDY footed the bills and Mr. PALMANTEER sank $300 in the undertaking. This was simply advanced till the authorities could have time to turn themselves, the same as it were a loan of so much money so people and teams could get back and forth to and from the depot, as no other road was then open to the public. Mr. SHOUDY put up his personal money... The land on which the street runs on either side is Mr. SHOUDY's. It has never been appropriated by him for town or city purposes. It is not a county road or highway... Outside of this matter Mr. SHOUDY has dealt very liberally with the city in donating the park or city square, also the courthouse square and
one-half of the town site to the railroad company as a bounty to secure the depot at this point. Is it right to goad a willing horse to death? The innuendos whispered about that it is a put up job and that the railroad company done the work is maliciously false. The railroad company never put a quarter of a cent into said grade, or had anything to do with it.


Land Office at North Yakima, W. T., August 19th, 1887 Notice is hereby given that the following named settler has filed notice of her intention to make final proof in support of her claim, and ... proof will be made ... at Ellensburgh, W. T., on October 3rd, 1887,
viz.: Elizabeth GRISSOM, widow of John M. GRISSOM, deceased, for Hd. No. 139 for the west half southeast quarter, northeast quarter southeast quarter, and southeast quarter, section 8, township 18 north, range 20 E, W. T. She names the following witnesses ... viz. E. G. GRINDROD, A. A. MEADE, J. W. McDONALD, and W. H. RADER, all of Ellensburgh, W. T.

SOME NOTICES LISTED (Parts were unreadable)

G. A. R. Jas. Parsons Post No. 11, Department Washington Territory. Meets 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month at 1 p.m. at the IOOF Hall. J. L. BROWN, Commander, ? SHOUDY, Adjutant. I
. O. O. F., Ellensburg Lodge No. ? meets every Saturday evening ??? hall.
E. F. CATSON, N. G. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Preaching every Sabbath at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. at ???eny Chapel. Sabbath school. Prayer meeting Wednesday.
Rev. Jas. A. LAURIE, Pastor METHODIST CHURCH - Services in the M. E. Church every Sabbath at 11 a.m., in the evening at 8 p.m. Sunday school at 3 p.m. Prayer meeting every evening. Rev. H. MOYS, Pastor
FURNISHED ROOMS - Newly furnished, well ventilated rooms for rent in the Geddis brick. Apply to Mrs. N. J. DURGAN, upstairs.
CITY EXPRESS - Leave all orders for express handling or delivery on slate, at Weed, Rowe & Cos. W. J. DYER.


Dr. W. N KARN, Dentist, Office over KING's drug store, Ellensburgh.
E. PRUYS, Attorney at Law, (especially) real estate and mining law.
ALLEN, WHIT???, & GILLIAM, Attorneys & Counselors at Law, office in Geddis brick, upstairs, Ellensburgh.
J. NASH, Architect, Contractor and Builder, Ellensburgh.
J. R. NAYLOR, Attorney at Law, Office upstairs over A. S. GROSS' real estate, Ellensburgh.
You can depend on square dealing at McPHERSON's Bazaar.
Medical Lake salt and soap at REED's drugstore.
Just received a fresh lot of Oregon Seeds at L. BLUMAUER & Sons.