Yakima Record

September 6, 1879

(This web page only contains articles that referred to Kittitas Valley.)

(The Yakima Record copies were taken from microfilm which is very hard to read, too light
and/or too dark), therefore there may be articles which were missed by the transcriber.) (When not otherwise indicated, the people being talked about are in Yakima County,
but it is unclear if they are in the Kittitas Valley or elsewhere.)


In the latter part of last week a baby of Mr. HENDERSON's died of a spasm; also, an
infant of the family of Mr. S?ONT (possibly SPONT, word in crease), a recent newcomer to


This disease is now generally prevalent here. Most of the cases, so far, seem to be very


near Ellensburgh, W. T. Milton & Robt N. CANADY, Proprietors The Proprietors beg leave to announce that they are now prepared to furnish a first class article in Flour. Custom work promptly attended to.


Ellensburgh, W. T. Is the place where you can get the best Beer, Wines and Liquor Call and Sample Also the best brands of cigars kept on hand. W. R. PACKWOOD, Prop'r