Yakima Record

February 28, 1880

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At the residence of the bridegroom near Ellensburgh, February 18th, by Rev. D. THOMAS. Mr. G. W. GILLISPIE and Mrs. Elizabeth PADDOCK, of Salem, Oregon.


Our literary and debating society, organized at the Grange hall ..., has been well patronized by the public and wisely conducted by the President, Mr. BARTON. Various subjects of interest have been intelligently argued pro and con by the members. Our sprightly little paper, "The Kittitas Era" is well supplied with contributions humorous, and otherwise, and well managed by the editor, Mrs. W. F. THOMAS, a lady who has had considerable experience in this line. On Saturday evening, 11th inst., the members of the society and a large number of their friends met at the hall to partake of a sumptious supper provided by the ladies. Addresses were made on education, self-culture, value of literary societies, temperance, etc. by Rev. D. THOMAS, Mr. WHITSON (our wheel horse), Mr. STERLING, and others. The editor read the newspaper communications which bore rather hard on old bachelors; will anything ever shame them into matrimony and civilized life! ... Mrs. THOMAS addressed the young people on the proper employment of time and the need of cultivating a taste for literature. Mrs. THOMAS is well known on the Sound as a temperance lecturer... A company of young singers from the Bailes' district entertained the audience .... The exercises being over, the whole company sat, or rather, stood at the tables to partake of the delicacies set before them. It is said that "laughter doth good like a medicine," ... Judging by the
cheerful countenances and sharpened appetite of the guests, there were no sufferers ... for piles of bread, yellow legged chickens (the preacher went for that), ham, cakes, pies, and coffee, disappeared with wonderful rapidity... Much credit is due to the ladies for such an ample provision...


A. A. BELL, proprietor of the "Stockade Grocery" at Ellensburgh, returned from a visit to relatives and friends at Seattle on Tuesday a week ago. On Thursday morning he started for home. He looked as if the trip agreed with him.


We overlooked the fact last week that Dr. SMITH had requested us to say to his patrons that he had gone to Kittitas and would be absent about two weeks.


Last week, in the Kittitas Valley notes the types made us give a man a wife, when he was not blessed with that desirable article. We owe you an opology, Joh, but never mind, you ought to be, all the same.