Yakima Record

July 10, 1880

(This web page only contains articles that referred to Kittitas Valley.)

(The Yakima Record copies were taken from microfilm which is very hard to read, too light
and/or too dark), therefore there may be articles which were missed by the transcriber.)
(advertisement) C. L. WALK, Physician and Surgeon, Ellensburgh, W. T. Office at residence. Calls promptly attended, day or night.


Our regular correspondent, "Mac", sends us the following items of interest under the date of the 6th: A camp meeting has been in progress lately near DURR's bridge and it was well attended. The Fourth was celebrated on the 5th on account of Sunday, in Ellensburgh by a large concourse of people. It was surprising to see the large number present. The grounds, quite spacious as they are, were densely packed, while throngs of persons lined the stores, saloons and building fronts and sides. The excessive heat of the day caused many to seek as comfortable places as could be found under trees, etc.... Potations of lemonade and ice cream were in demand and a big supply was on hand at the Stockade Grocery and other places. The exercises were well conducted, and the singing by the Glee Club, accompanied by an organ, was well rendered. F. E. ELDRIDGE read the Declaration of Independence, and the oration was delivered by D. P. BALLARD, who spoke at considerable length. At the close of the exercises on the stand, dinner was served ... There was plenty to eat and it is supposed everybody fared well. You may suspect that where such a crowd were together there was a liability of scrapes occurring, brought on by the disorderly ones. Such was the case... (Transcriber's note: Next is a long story about Frank CORSET being under the influence and commenced fighting with a Skagit visitor. George GOUDY came forward and managed to part the men, and was set upon by a partner of one of the principals. CORSET ended up getting stabbed in the shoulder by GOUDY and taken to Dr. REID. An arrest warrant was issued for GOUDY, but it had not been served.)
There was animated discussion about the case on the street. This resulted in another fight which we saw between Felix SHARER and a fellow named FOGG... With the exception of these few incidents there was no bad blood shown during the day. In the evening all who remained had an opportunity of attending the grand ball at Shoudy's Hall, which wound up the festive occasion.
Some good reports from the Swauk mines have been received. Mose BOLLMAN & Co. have continued cleaning up for a week past and we were informed by the Swauk expressman, Nas JENSEN, that they have averaged about $45 per day. A few words about Skagit and its relation to this place. Mr. J. S. DANSKIN, who is well- known throughout this Northwest as a successful miner, stock man, and rustler, and whose property interests are in Columbia county, is here direct from the Skagit mines, coming through via
Camp Chelan. He reports a splendid route from this side of the mountains, one over which a wagon can be driven within a short distance of the mines, and by a little work of cutting timber, entirely to the mines.


I hereby give notice that my wife, Mary L. McGRATH, having abandoned me without cause or provocation, that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by her from and after this date, as I have offered to suport her and my child, and she has refused such support. J. J. McGRATH, Ellensburg, Yakima Co., W.T., July 10, 1880.


Dave MURRAY says certain individuals have been stealing young calves away from their mothers for ??? in Kittitas Valley. He proposes that they shall "sweat for it" at the next Court.


(3 miles below town) Nearest and Most Direct Route to Kittitas and Wenachie Valleys and the Only Direct Route to White Bluffs, Spokan, and the Palouse Country
Following are the distances: From the Ferry to Moxee Spring, 10 miles; thence to Selah Spring, 3 miles; thence to Squaw Creek, 8 miles; thence to Kittitas, 14 miles; and to Wenachie, 42 miles, making this route 9 miles shorter than any other, and good hard road, established and traveled for the last twelve years. Travelers may depend on reliable information about roads at this ferry. The ferryman will make maps to any of these routes to travelers on application free of charge.