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Actions Surname Given Name Death Date Newspaper Death Notice Obituary
Listing Detail   Abbott Jared 1-Feb-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record   6-Feb-2021
Listing Detail   Aberle Dennis 10-Nov-2018 Ellensburg Daily Record   14-Dec-2018
Listing Detail   Abrams Martha 19-Aug-1891 Ellensburg Capital   20-Aug-1891
Listing Detail   Abrams William L. 12-Mar-1908 The Ellensburg Dawn 17-Mar-1908  
Listing Detail   Adams Gennevieve Linda 12-Jan-2022 Ellensburg Daily Record 19-Jan-2022  
Listing Detail   Adams Joe (John) 3-Jan-2020 Northern Kittitas County Tribune 7-Jan-2020 9-Jan-2020
Listing Detail   Adams Kayden 8-Apr-2018 Northern Kittitas County Tribune 11-Apr-2018 18-Apr-2018
Listing Detail   Adams Lorraine 5-May-2017 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   18-May-2017
Listing Detail   Adams Ralph 15-Aug-1889 Ellensburg Capital 15-Aug-1889  
Listing Detail   Adams Robert Jr. 11-Jul-2019 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   15-Aug-2019
Listing Detail   Adams son of Herbert 9-Feb-1921 Ellensburg Capital 10-Feb-1921  
Listing Detail   Aden Donald L. 19-May-2019 Ellensburg Daily Record   8-Jun-2019
Listing Detail   Adler Joe 16-Aug-1891 Ellensburg Capital   20-Aug-1891
Listing Detail   Akehurst Barbara 8-Aug-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record 19-Aug-2020 22-Aug-2020
Listing Detail   Akkerman Daryl Jean 9-May-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record   21-May-2020
Listing Detail   Albright Loretta 11-Mar-2021 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   22-Apr-2021
Listing Detail   Alby Mrs. E.A. 3-Mar-1898 Ellensburg Capital 5-Mar-1898  
Listing Detail   Alderman Paul Gordon 23-Apr-2023 Ellensburg Daily Record   29-Apr-2023
Listing Detail   Alexander E.J. 3-Apr-1898 Ellensburg Capital 9-Apr-1898  
Listing Detail   Alexander Gladys E 12-Sep-2022 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   22-Sep-2022
Listing Detail   Alexander Leslie Ann 12-Apr-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record   6-May-2021
Listing Detail   Alexio Michael, Jr. 15-Apr-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record   22-Jul-2020
Listing Detail   Allan Ernest W. "Bill" 30-Mar-2022 Ellensburg Daily Record   6-Apr-2022
Listing Detail   Allemand Randy D. 7-Sep-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record   19-Sep-2020
Listing Detail   Allemand Rex Allen 14-Oct-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 20-Oct-2021  
Listing Detail   Allen Dr Nancy E 1-Mar-2023 Ellensburg Daily Record 8-Mar-2023 11-Mar-2023
Listing Detail   Allen Eph. 30-Jan-1902 Ellensburg Capital 1-Feb-1902  
Listing Detail   Allen Mrs. 5-Jul-1893 Ellensburg Capital 6-Jul-1893  
Listing Detail   Allen Richard Chapman 31-Jul-2021 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   12-Aug-2021
Listing Detail   Allen Stella 22-Mar-2019 Ellensburg Daily Record 27-Mar-2019 27-Apr-2019
Listing Detail   Allen Vernal 10-Jan-2018 Ellensburg Daily Record   24-Mar-2018
Listing Detail   Aller Ronald J Sr 4-Jan-2023 Ellensburg Daily Record 11-Jan-2023  
Listing Detail   Allison Alda, 26-Jun-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 1-Jul-2021 1-Jul-2021
Listing Detail   Allphin Gerald Lee "Tiny" 8-Jan-2018 Ellensburg Daily Record 10-Jan-2018 13-Jan-2018
Listing Detail   Alma Bob 27-Nov-2018 Northern Kittitas County Tribune   13-Dec-2018
Listing Detail   Alsoszatai-Petheo John 19-Feb-2019 Ellensburg Daily Record   26-Feb-2019
Listing Detail   Alsup William L. 27-May-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 29-May-2021  
Listing Detail   Ames Adeline 22-Mar-1897 Ellensburg Capital 27-Mar-1897  
Listing Detail   Andersen Alfred Neil "Andy" 24-Oct-2022 Ellensburg Daily Record 27-Oct-2022  
Listing Detail   Anderson Charles 23-May-1890 Ellensburg Capital   3-Apr-1890
Listing Detail   Anderson Daryle Lynn 19-Dec-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 28-Dec-2021  
Listing Detail   Anderson David 4-Mar-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record   13-Mar-2021
Listing Detail   Anderson Delores B. 7-May-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record   13-May-2020
Listing Detail   Anderson Doris May 10-Dec-2022 Ellensburg Daily Record 15-Dec-2022  
Listing Detail   Anderson Dorothy C. 14-Jan-2020 Ellensburg Daily Record 18-Jan-2020 29-Jan-2020
Listing Detail   Anderson Eugene 9-Jan-1899 Ellensburg Capital   14-Jan-1899
Listing Detail   Anderson Gary P. 14-Feb-2022 Ellensburg Daily Record   5-Mar-2022
Listing Detail   Anderson Gerald Eugene 11-Nov-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 17-Nov-2021  
Listing Detail   Anderson Howard 3-Mar-1890 Ellensburg Capital   6-Mar-1890
Listing Detail   Anderson Lawrence Alexander "Larry" 17-Dec-2021 Ellensburg Daily Record 22-Dec-2021 5-Jan-2022

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