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Welcome to our "Home Page"
The mention of “home” and other words associated with home always brings to mind memories!  In this case, “home” refers to the new home of the Kittitas County Genealogical Society (KCGS) of Kittitas County, in Washington state.  It’s likely that YOU have some connection to Kittitas County and genealogy or you wouldn’t now be at our “Home Page.”  Welcome! 
As everyone knows, if you want to know where the best place to eat in a town is, you need to ask one of the “locals.”  We at KCGS hope you will check with us “Locals” as you search for your “roots” in Kittitas County.  We are here to help you in whatever way we can! 
About our website:
Our new KCGS website has a dual purpose.  First and foremost we specialize in genealogical information from Kittitas County.  That’s information that you probably won’t find elsewhere.  We also have information regarding many other places around the globe but Kittitas County is where we shine the most. 
Our second purpose is to spotlight life in Kittitas County by providing some interesting historic and fun places and things to do when you aren’t digging for your genealogical information.  After all, don’t you want to add a little “meat” about what life was like for your Kittitas ancestors or maybe make new memories for yourself?  We do want you to have a little fun while you are visiting us, either in person, or on the web.
So do some “digging” for your roots and then spend a little time exploring Kittitas County.  We’ll even “leave the light on for you!”  After all that, we hope you’ll have new memories of “home.”

News & Events
March 25
KCGS Board Meeting
Regular Business meeting called for by KCGS President Ruth.  Planning and review of upcoming Society meetings and events.
March 30
2019 Spring Seminar - Olympia Gen. Society
The Olympia Genealogical Society will sponsor their Spring Seminar on March 30, 2019.  Seminar theme will be "Beyond The Basics: Genetic Genealogy in Practice" presented by Blaine Bettinger "The Genetic ...
April 1
2019 Genealogical Resolutions
Erik Bakke presents the program. Erik will make us more knowledgable about how to pursue our 2019 Genealogical Resolutions. 

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WELCOME to the NEW Kittitas County Genealogical Society Website. After being "off the air" for nearly a year, we are now back with a BRAND NEW Website! Give us a look. We're continuing to add more material so check back often.
In the Spotlight

What's New on the KCGS Website: 1. Website SEARCH capability added. 2. Link to website provider - 3. Previous presentations and handouts under Members Only