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Kittitas County Newspapers
Some of the information for this list was taken from "An Illustrated History of Klickitat, Yakima and Kittitas Counties", 1904, by Interstate Publishing Co.
The following is a brief history of newspapers printed in Kittitas County over time.  Most of the entries describe newspapers printed in the late 1800's to early 1900's and which are no longer in existence.  Microfilm of these early newspapers do exist for at least some of those early newspapers.  Currently published papers are The Daily Record and the Northern Kittitas County Tribune
AFTER you finish looking at the information about these Kittitas County newspapers you may want to explore them a bit more.  In that case, if you click on the "Newspaper Extracts" menu item on this website, you will have access to more than 100 separate transcribed issues from these newspapers.  So read on!
The Cascade Miner
This newspaper was established in Roslyn, and was still being published in 1904.  The first issue appeared on September 14, 1896.  It was first established by the Republicans as a campaign paper.  The paper's office was on First Street between Pennsylvania and Dakota Avenues.
The Cle Elum Echo
The Echo was a weekly newspaper which began publishing in January 1902 by the RANDALL brothers of Roslyn.
The Cle Elum Tribune
The Cle Elum Tribune is on microfilm from early 1891 to early 1892.
The Daily Record (The Evening Record)
The Daily Record is a current paper which began in 1909 as the Evening Record.  It is published in Ellensburg, with offices on the corner of 4th and Main.  Clicking on the name will take you to their website.  Be sure to click on the back arrow of your browser when done viewing The Daily Record or you will close out the KCGS website!
The Ellensburg Capital (The Ellensburgh Capital) (The Kittitas Capital)
The Capital was founded on October 11, 1887, by A. N. HAMILTON.  The paper's first home was on the corner of Pearl and 5th, where it remained until October 1890.  It then moved to the Bath block.  The Capital (still being published in 1904) was a 7-column, four-page, paper.
The Ellensburg Dawn (The Ellensburg Democrat)
The Dawn began in November 1893 as a six-page monthly magazine.  It was first called the Reformer's Dawn.  It was established by Robert A. TURNER "who had been connected with reform work since 1876, to advocate the principles of the People's part as promulgated at Omaha, July 4, 1892."  The cost was 25 cents per year.  It was well-received and doubled in size after the fourth issue.  By May 1894, there were 1,250 subscribers.  Later it became weekly.  By 1904, it was in the Albany Block, having moved there from Main Street.  Previous to that, it had been in the Geddis Annex from 1897 to August 1902.  Prior to that it had been in the Cadwell block. It later became the Ellensburg Democrat.
The Ellensburg Localizer (The Kittitas Localizer, The Evening Localizer)
The Kittitas Localizer was established in 1883 by David J. SCHNEBLY.  He was a Northwest veteran newspaperman.  The first issue was published on July 12, 1883.  It was a four-page sheet.  The plant was destroyed by a fire that burned much of the city on July 4, 1889.  At this time the paper's name was changed to the Ellensburg Localizer.  The offices were moved to the west side of Main Street between 3rd & 4th Streets. In 1904 it was an 8-page paper, issued on Saturdays. In 1905 came the "Evening Localizer".
The Ellensburgh New Era
Only a few copies exist of this paper in microfilm.  The August 26, 1887 edition is shown as vol. II.  It was
published every Saturday morning by S. T. STERLING.

The Ellensburg News
The Gospel Preacher
The journal was issued monthly in magazine form.  The first issue was May 1893, and it ran for approximately 2 years in Ellensburg.  The editor and publisher was the Rev. W. W. STONE.
The Herald
It was published semi-weekly according to the cover, by John T. HARSELL, in Ellensburgh, Washington Territory.

The Kittitas Wau-Wau
It was the first paper published in the region, starting in 1879 by Austin A. BELL and Harry M. BRYANT.  Volume 1, no. 1, was published on July 4th, 1879.  There was only one other issue.
The Kittitas Standard
The first issue was June 15, 1883 and the last issue was September 10, 1885.  The Editor, CHADD, died and publication ended.  It was published on Pearl Street, near Third, in Ellensburg.
This current newspaper is published at Cle Elum.  Clicking on the name will take you to their website.  Be sure to click on the back arrow of your browser when done viewing The Northern Kittitas County Tribune or you will close out the KCGS website!
The Register  (The Washington State Register)
Also known as The Washington State Register.  It was published every Saturday morning. A. A. BATTERSON, was Editor and Publisher.
The Teanaway Bugle
It was published by G. W. and Fred SEATON beginning sometime in 1883.  It was four pages, 9x12 inches in size, and appeared at irregular intervals for about a year.  The office was an old shack on the west bank of the Teanaway.
The Yakima Record
The Yakima weekly Record is of importance as the Kittitas Valley area was once part of Yakima County.  Any newspaper gleanings attached to this are only of those articles with reference to the Kittitas Valley, not the entire paper.
The Yakima Signal
The Yakima Signal was an early county paper.  The Kittitas County area was once part of the Yakima County. Any newspaper gleanings attached to this are only of those articles with reference to the Kittitas Valley, not the entire paper.